House Rules

Adventure Log

There will be some sort of small reward for players who post an adventure log prior to arriving at game (ie: detailing past adventures).

Weapon Breakage

We will be using a modified version of the Dark Sun reckless breakage rules:

  • Rolling a 1 on an attack roll will cause you to miss that attack.
  • Rolling a 1 will also open you opportunity attacks from any adjacent enemies.
  • After the opportunity attacks have been resolved, you may choose to recklessly continue your attack.
  • This reckless attack allows a reroll for the original attack power.
  • If you are using a non-metal weapon, your weapon breaks immediately after all resolving all effects of the attack.
  • If you are using a metal weapon, your weapon will break only if the second attack roll is 5 or less.
  • If the attack does not use a weapon (ie: does not have the weapon keyword), a reckless attack is not possible.


On Athas, arcane magic draws from the world around you. If an Arcanist is not careful to avoid it, their magic defiles the land around them; killing plant life and making the ground infertile. Preserving is the act of casting spells without defiling.

  • Unless you specify it, you are assumed to be Preserving.
  • Defiling grants a +1 bonus per tier to any damage caused by a spell.
  • You can use the Arcane Defiling encounter power with an arcane daily attack power to reroll either attack or damage.

House Rules

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