A young adept rogue who realizes her King may not be the god she thinks he is...


- was orphaned. In orphanage, hair was cut short. Passed for a boy.
- got into trouble constantly for spying (sometimes snitching on older kids).
- at 14, witnessed a murder of a templar, didn’t get caught, told other guards.
- was brought before the sorceror-king to re-count story, was believed and rewarded with a dagger.
- king informed her he was a god, and that he was having his men punish a follower who fell, a man who was corrupt.
- praised her for her keen senses, and offered to keep her under his care.

- turns 18, begins actual training in the ways of being a Templar in secret.
- is asked to look into the trade dealings for the King’s City-State.
- gains skills concerning caravan traveling, desert dealing, and surviving in the dunes.
- turns 21, returns to the King with much information, relics, money, and a Dune Trader job.
- works for the King (Templar) until 23.

- Sent out on mission with a group of Templars…


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